ADOGG Has 2 Thread A FedGOV Gauntlet 2 From NY 2 San Francisco (3-11-2014)


My, my… when I look at the words written below and the date in here.

Reblogged from July4threvolution: ***Important Prefacing Note Dated January 9, 2013: The Complex Battle Referred to in this WordPress Blog Actually Involves Ten Power Structures, Rather Than the Seven or Eight Power Structures that the Title of Previous Versions of this “Complex Battle WordPress Blog” refers to (and the copy below alludes to). Therefore its Title has been changed to “A Complex Battle Between At Least Ten Power Structures Is Now Underway; REVOLUTION SOON Is The American Public’s ONLY CHOICE (1-9-2013)”. In addition to Google seemingly joining My Revolutionary Collaborative Team of Four Heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists (an Event that changed the Original Post of this “Complex Battle WordPress Blog” from Seven to Eight Power Structures), it is *Now Apparent To Me* that both Facebook and WordPress have become Aware Of and Are Supportive Of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team as well. Facebook and WordPress represent Power Structures #9 and #10. Twitter may also be aware of us and supportive as well. If so, eleven power structures are now involved in this Complex Battle Between “The 99% of Us” and “Those In the Corporate and Governmental World that Continue to Want To Tell Us a Pack of Lies”.Both the United States of America and the World Stand At A Very Major Crossroad In Human History, if Not the Penultimate One.The Growth and Development of the Internet has Awakened Millions of Persons Around the World to the Fact We the General Public Are Being Told A Myriad of Lies, or Lies of Omission, by Numerous Corporations, Numerous Industries, and Numerous State and Federal Governments, to include our own Federal Government here in the United States.The Exposure of a Number of Lies By the Powers That Be via an Open and Free Internet will Inevitably Breed Justifiable Revolution, both here in the United States and Worldwide.

We finally got together though!

Thank God.

We had ’em Beat if I got picked up in DEC.

Now I gotta thread a FedGOV gauntlet I ain’t gonna make if i travel alone (i think).

Remember that Movie titled “The Gauntlet” with Clint Eastwood and What’s her Name (Sandra Lockwood)

Yeah, that one.

The Feds would be fools not to badge me and take me down in–>

Chicago or Denver or somewhere else in between if I travel alone.

My life is in the hands of executive action inside of GOOGLE is the way I C things.

I could not have “a Smarter Partner”.

I Trust that MSGoogle and MASTERg will Do the Right Thing.


Allen D


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